NVIDIA Reveals New PhysX Licenses with EA, 2K Games

Here's something to put on your 2009 checklist: more realistic in-game physics. You know, the extra math in a virtual world that can transform the flat, instantaneous stain from a tomato flung at a wall into a pulpy, drooling mess of spatter. Now insert whatever your M-Rated imagination cares to conjure in place of "tomato."

They're not promising tomatoes or anything else just yet, but game publishers and just announced that both companies are licensing NVIDIA's PhysX technology, "the world's most pervasive physics solution for designing real-time, real-world effects into interactive entertainment titles."

"PhysX is a great physics solution for the most popular platforms, and we're happy to make it available for EA's development teams worldwide," said Tim Wilson, Chief Technology Officer of EA's Redwood Shores Studio.

"We are very impressed with the quality of the PhysX engine and we licensed it so our studios can use this solution early in development," said Jacob Hawley, technology director for 2K.

I gave NVIDIA Senior PR Manager Bryan Del Rizzo a call a few hours ago to chat about PhysX and the new partnership.

Game On: The is the point at which NVIDIA introduced PhysX to the NVIDIA GPU lineup, correct?