Nokia – Microsoft deal a bold move: Ovum

Research house Ovum believes last week's announced partnership between Nokia and Microsoft is "a bold move, but absolutely the right one".

On Friday, Nokia announced it will adopt Microsoft's Windows Phone as its primary smartphone strategy, and the two companies will also partner on mobile ads (Nokia will use Microsoft adCenter in mobile devices), and on mapping (Nokia Maps will become part of Microsoft's Bing search engine).

Nokia's application and content store will also be integrated into Microsoft's Marketplace.

Ovum Principal Analyst, Tony Cripps, said the move was the right one for both Nokia and Microsoft given the drastically changed landscape for smartphones in the past couple of years.

"There were few short term options available to the company (Nokia) to help it get back on terms with Apple and especially the Android masses, which in 2011 look set to overtake Nokia in terms of smartphone shipments, bringing with it the full wrath of the investor community," Cripps said.