Netflix's Qwikster Backtrack is a Bad Idea

Netflix's last few months have been a complete disaster.

First, the company . Then it announced plans to into a separate, poorly-named company called Qwikster. At each turn, Netflix failed to communicate its plans clearly, and alienated customers by removing features they loved.

Now Netflix has backtracked, after listening to its customers, and has . However, by doing this Netflix is only making its situation worse--hear me out.

Sooner or later, Netflix will have to abandon DVDs. Optical discs are becoming irrelevant, and the infrastructure for mailing them to customers is expensive to maintain. The faster Netflix can move on from DVD rentals, the better.

Qwikster was meant to hasten the process. Splitting off the company would allow Netflix to focus on streaming, where it needs to grow the most.

Of course a split would've alienated customers. But as Netflix co-founder Marc Randolph--who is no longer with the company--, it's a necessary sacrifice.