NBN first release sites to trial telehealth


"We know high speed broadband will be the foundation of future productivity, growth and international competitiveness," he said.

"It will revolutionise the way health services can be delivered to people in their homes."

KPMG Australia head of healthcare and former chief executive of the Hong Kong Hospital Authority, Shane Solomon, agreed that "having very wide pipes is important".

"The number one issue for clinicians was we said it might be 1.5 seconds [response time] moving to a web-based [system] and that's a very big concern. You will not survive on a wireless approach," he said, pointing to the bandwidth required to deliver 3.5 million updates daily to the Hong Kong Hospital Authority's electronic health system with response times of under a second.

The Gillard Government has already announced several e-health trials off the back of the NBN, including and more than for use of telehealth and GP consultations by videoconference from 1 July 2012.