NBA jerseys now available for Xbox avatars

A few months ago, , allowing gamers to show their love for their favorite pigskin team for $4. I saw quite a few of my Xbox Live friends wearing said shirts, so it should come as no surprise that NBA jerseys can now be purchased for avatar adornment.

Xbox spokesman Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb sent a message that NBA jerseys can be procured by Xbox Live users for $3--a buck less than the NFL equivalent. Is it because less virtual fabric was used in the creation of these fake duds? Or is it because Microsoft thinks the NBA is 25% less popular than the NBA? Hopefully it's the latter, and when the opportunity to purchase baseball jerseys comes around, the lower price point remains for MLB clothing--particularly for the New York Mets.

You can check out the selection of NBA avatar jerseys . Any NBA fans going to purchase a jersey for their favorite team? If so, which team is getting your Microsoft Points?