Myspace For Sale? Who Would Want to Buy Myspace?

Start saving up your cash, compadres: Myspace is officially up for grabs.

Myspace's CEO, Mike Jones (not ) has confirmed he's ready to sell the company if the right offer comes along. The news broke in a report published by and follows Web-wide rumors of a sale that have been .

Just a couple of days ago, after all, Myspace announced it was . The company "restructured" 500 employees out of jobs, shrinking its workforce down by a whopping 47 percent. And that follows a previous bout of shrinkage in '09, when Myspace from its payroll -- almost 30 percent of its then-far-larger roster.

Heck, even the Myspace logo hit the chopping block earlier this year. How else do you explain the company's cockamamie plan to lose five letters and ? (To be fair, I did hear the "s" and the "p" had been making some unreasonable demands in their salary negotiations.)

All joking aside, though, things are clearly not going well for the company formerly known as "successful." Myspace's traffic has been falling faster than a 500-pound skydiver, with between mid-2009 and mid-2010. The not-so-social social network even tried luring folks back with last fall -- sign into Myspace with your Facebook ID, and we'll recommend stuff to you based on your external profile! -- but while the offer may have been exciting to a few people at Myspace HQ, it didn't seem to do much in terms of nudging the traffic needle any higher.

So now, the of Myspace may go to the highest bidder. That raises an important, if obvious, question: Who the hell would want to buy the thing? It's an empty shell of a service that was cool years ago and shows no signs of rebounding. Not to mention the fact that the recent (and yes, those are air quotes) is liable to cause a seizure in anyone over the age of 14.