Myki remains as Vic Govt spares IT

The Victorian Government will retain the myki public transport smart card system, despite cost blowouts and failure to satisfy commuters.

In presenting the 2011-2012 state budget Tuesday afternoon, Treasurer Kim Wells said the myki project, along with failed initiatives HealthSMART and the Regional Rail Link, contributed to $2 billion in cost over-runs from the state government. The smart card system itself faced a three-year delay in introduction to the state's public transport system and is expected to have cost $1.4 billion alone.

The Liberal Government has explored options for both and myki but is yet to announce significant measures for either. An announcement on the future of the transport smartcard system was , but the government instituted another review into the project instead.

The government has so far been unsure as to whether discontinuing the project would cause another blow to state taxpayers.

The only mention of the project in the current budget was to detail the cost blow-outs of the project, currently at $890 million in operational budget on top of the $461 million capital cost.

The customer satisfaction rate of Victorian commuters, last year rated at seven out of ten, was upgrade in the budget to become a percentile figure but no target was set in the budget.