Motorola Droid: Let the Presales Begin!


Droids For Sale

Regardless of whether the Droid causes the iPhone to and go limp, it's clearly drumming up an awful lot of excitement. Best Buy is attempting to cash in on the frenzy by letting you reserve your very own Droid phone now -- without having shell out an extra hundred dollars.

The Droid, you see, actually costs $299.99 (with a two-year contract). You then have to send away a mail-in rebate to get $100 back and reach the frequently quoted $199.99 price tag. As of Thursday, however, you can reserve one at any Best Buy store and pay only the $199.99; the store will instantly apply the $100 rebate at checkout. When the phone comes out on November 6, you'll walk in, pick up your Droid, and walk out.

Cost, incidentally, is one Droid-iPhone comparison worth making. BillShrink created pitting the Motorola Droid up against the iPhone 3GS. The devices themselves run the same price, but what about those hefty voice and data fees after 24 months of contractually signed service? Turns out they're the same, too.

Unlimited voice/data plans for both the iPhone 3GS and the Motorola Droid amount to $3799 over two years, BillShrink discovered. When it comes to an "average plan" -- calculated by BillShrink as being 900 minutes with 5 GB of data and unlimited messaging -- the iPhone and the Droid both come out to the same $2839 over their initial 24-month periods.