Motorola Cliq 2: Ready for Business and Fun


Call quality over T-Mobile's network was average overall. Calls made indoors, in quiet environments, went smoothly. My callers on the other end of the line reported that they could hear my voice clearly albeit it sounded a bit distant. When I got outside though and made calls from a busy city street corner, they could hear the chatter of the diners at the café behind me better than they could hear my voice.


When the first Cliq launched, I was impressed by how accessible it made Android. It wasn't a super phone by any means and given today's standards for super smartphones, it is on par with a cheap feature phone. So now that Android is fully mainstream, Motorola had to make the next-gen Cliq accessible enough for the everyday user, but with the brawn to compete with other top notch phones out there. I think they mostly succeeded: The Cliq 2 is fast, has a multitude of entertainment and enterprise features and is nicely designed. It is also incredibly affordable, especially for a 4G 1Ghz phone running the latest version of Android. The camera isn't great, however, so if you take a lot of pictures with your phone, you might opt for the T-Mobile myTouch 4G or the Samsung Vibrant, both of which have better cameras.