Motorola Cliq 2: Ready for Business and Fun


You can set three different homescreens for various facets of your life: Work, Home and Play. The multiple profiles sort of remind me of another phone on T-Mobile, the HTC-designed . MotoBlur has a few features that can be used for both business and pleasure. For example, I really liked the Calendar, which lets you create new events and e-mail or text them to your friends or work colleagues. You can also easily change meeting times/locations and see who is on your respondent list.

Other more business-oriented features include a preinstalled Quickoffice as well as the ability to ability to do a remote SD card wipe (something IT departments might find handy) and remotely locate your phone if it is lost. According to Motorola, SD card encryption will also be available via a software update scheduled for later this year.

As for the fun stuff, the Cliq 2 comes preloaded with Blockbuster OnDemand (if you are one of the few people who opt for Blockbuster over Netflix)


The 5-megapixel camera is good, but nothing spectacular. I read a few other reviews that said really positive things about the camera's image quality, but I found that all of my photos-taken both indoors and out-had a strange hazy quality to them. I'm not sure what this is about; I tried cleaning the lens, but this didn't fix the problem. The camera interface is the same as what you'd find on the Droid phones. It isn't my favorite (I really like the native Android 2.2 camera interface), but it is easy enough to use.