Mobile-phone market continues to weaken


In the past year, Nokia's smartphone market share has dropped to 42.4% from 48.7%. The big gainers during that period have been , whose market share exploded to 12.9% from 3.4%, and RIM, which jumped to 15.9% from 9.7%.

Global smartphone sales by operating system show Symbian (used by Nokia and others) and dropping from Q3 2007 to Q3 2008. In Q3, Symbian fell to 49.8% market share, below 50% for the first time. Windows Mobile also had a negative growth rate of -3%. According to Gartner, in Q3 2008, for the first time, iPhone sales exceeded Windows Mobile device sales both in North American and worldwide.

Both Apple and RIM did especially well in North America, but with the deepening economic downturn, that seems unlikely to continue.