Mini Squadron for iPhone

from is an action packed flying shooter that will have you coming back for more. With its great graphics, smooth controls and casual charm Mini Squadron loop-de-loops its way into a favored spot on your home screen.

(Image Caption: Come Fly With Me: Mini Squadron lets you take to the skies to take out your enemies.)

Unlike many other flying shooters on the platform, Mini Squadron is played in 2D without the use of tilt controls. Instead, you have a virtual joy stick on the left for steering and a small button on the right for firing at enemy planes. The controls are both simple and effective.

As you navigate your way around the 2D sky, you can preform loops and sharp turns in pursuit of bogeys. If you fly too high, your plane will stall out requiring a nose dive to regain speed and control. Obviously, if you fly too low you'll crash to the ground. The sky is larger than the screen from left to right, and if you fly to the edge of the playing area you’ll automatically do a 180 and start flying back in the other direction. No matter what direction you fly in the plane always rights itself with a cool barrel roll animation. Everything about this game is so intuitive that you can just pick it up and start playing immediately.

There are eight levels to play through, each with 12 waves of enemy planes to destroy. Beating each level unlocks the next for you to play. There are also 56 planes to unlock and they all have different stats like turning radius, reload time, speed and so on. Throughout the levels, you'll find several power-ups like health, invincibility, air strikes, giant laser cannons and more.

The graphics in Mini Squadron are in a 2D cartoon style that look really nice with some cool animations. I especially enjoyed seeing the exploding planes (that shake the screen) and smoke trails behind all the planes. The sound effects of crashes and firing guns are also nicely done and there's even a classical soundtrack with the likes of Beethoven playing in the background.