Microsoft vs. Apple: The battle rages on

Some fights are just classics. Ali vs. Frazier. The Jedi Knights vs. The Empire. Godzilla vs. Rodan. And, of course, Microsoft vs. Apple.

Admittedly, there's been a lull in the action over the past decade. Apple essentially ceded the business PC space to Windows, while Microsoft can't make a product consumers actually want to buy no matter how many billions they throw at it. (OK, one: the Xbox. Otherwise, nada.)

Suddenly, though, they're at it hammer and tongs, just like the good old/bad old days. Who's winning? That depends on whom you ask. According to MacWorld's Dan Moren, Microsoft is "":

Apple has gained a lot of traction over the past decade. The iPod pushed the company back into the mainstream, and Cupertino only continued gaining currency as Mac OS X matured and it released some of the slickest machines around. Add in Microsoft's own problems dealing with Windows XP and its less-than-stellar successor, Vista, and Microsoft has started seeming like a non-entity these days.

On the other hand, PC Advisor's Simon Jary suggests against both Apple and Google:

Apple appears rattled. And maybe Google is a little scared now that Microsoft has announced that it is to launch free online versions of its mighty Office applications.... When things looked bleakest for Microsoft the old giant has suddenly roared back to life, and it's Apple and Google who are left looking like frightened little boys just moments after apparently slaying the beast.