Microsoft touts Touchless SDK

Microsoft Office Labs released Tuesday its Touchless SDK for developers to experiment with multi-touch technology.

With the SDK, developers can build multi-touch applications that use a color marker and webcam for input. Utilizing the webcam, applications can track the location and size of the color marker to enable multi-touch functionality without touching a surface, according to Microsoft.

The SDK can be used to build games or applications that could, for example, browse through media, said project developer Mike Wasserman. A demonstration of the technology can be viewed .

"I could see this as a great way to say, browse media like pictures, music, and video on your computer," Wasserman said. A user could, for example, could use hands to manipulate an image on a screen and give it annotations.

With the SDK, which is available on , developers can view, use, and contribute to the prototype code. The SDK leverages Microsoft's DirectShow API for media streaming.

"Once you have a webcam installed, you can use our SDK to create these applications," Wasserman said.