Microsoft faces antitrust complaint from software trader

The link in the sixth paragraph of the story "Microsoft faces antitrust complaint from software trader," posted Thursday, pointed to an earlier, related Webwereld story about Microsoft's relations with Dutch software trader Samir Abdalla. The correct link to Webwereld's story about Abdalla's antitrust complaint is

The story has been corrected on the wire, and the sixth paragraph now reads:

Gerard van der Wal, an attorney with Houthoff, typifies the case as relatively easy. "Microsoft charges significantly higher prices for the same software in the eurozone than it does in the United States, even though the costs can hardly differ. We argue that Microsoft infringes on article 81 of the European Treaty, which outlaws cartels and agreements limiting competition, as well as article 82, which bans the abuse of a dominant position," Houthoff told , an IDG affiliate.