Micro Focus helps InfoExplorer save $1.5 million

InfoExplorer, a major IT services provider has saved $ 1.5 million by using a TPE system from Micro Focus, an innovative software provider dedicated to improve the business productivity of organisations.

The IT provider serves the Taiwanese and Chinese professionals markets and was exploring ways to develop a high-quality core banking application package for these clients.

InfoExplorer realised that in order to develop this full-function core banking system, it needed a robust, industry standard programming language supported by powerful and easy-to-use of software tools. The other requirement was affordability of the technology. The company wanted a solution that was cost-effective in terms of both development and end-user licences.

Software technology was very important for the success of this project. InfoExplorer understood that the technology had to meet the requirements of the implementation team. This was critical for a productive development environment.

InfoExplorer needed a comprehensible and maintainable programming language that enabled rapid implementation of business logic. In addition, it wanted the product to have built-in capability to handle commercial data types. Other requirements were an easy-to-use development environment and support for mixed-language working. All these requirements were fulfilled by Micro Focus.