McAfee Expands Security Innovation Alliance

McAfee announced expansion to the McAfee SIA program. Under this, the vendor has added 14 new "McAfee Compatible" solutions from its current SIA partners, including ActivIdentity, AET Europe, Aladdin, Arxan, Catbird, Charismathics, Gemalto, HP, Kobil, Luxtrust, Oberthur Technologies, SCM Microsystems, Secerno and Vasco.

There are eight new members that have joined the program as Associate Partners, including Authenex, Cryptotech, eIQnetworks, S21sec, Solidcore, Triumfant and Telos. Across North America and Europe, McAfee now has more than 55 SIA partners committed to helping customers drive operational savings with McAfee Compatible products.

McAfee is also expanding the categories of partners supported by SIA to now include Systems Integrators. Partners in this new category will help enterprise customers integrate "homegrown" applications with the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator software solution, combine multiple vendor products to deliver end-to-end solutions, as well as accelerate McAfee Compatibility for SIA partners, reducing time-to-market for solutions requiring an integration. McAfee is pleased to welcome Ciphent as the charter member in this important new category.

"McAfee is proud of the explosive growth the Security Innovation Alliance is enjoying," said Joe Gottlieb, vice president of corporate strategy and technology alliances, McAfee. "While simultaneously growing partner participation in existing categories, and unlocking new categories of partners, we continue to deliver on the "Security Ecosystem" vision that we've had since the inception of SIA. It is very satisfying to hear our partners tell us that SIA is fast becoming the premier technology partnering program in the security industry."

Finally, at this week's RSA Conference 2009 event, being held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, McAfee plans to host the McAfee SIA partner pavilion with co-sponsors AirPatrol, Ciphent, ClearPoint Metrics, CommVault, Guardium, HP, Prevari and Triumfant. At RSA, more than 35 SIA partners will showcase their completed or planned McAfee Compatible solutions.

The McAfee Security Innovation Alliance program intends to accelerate the development of interoperable security products and simplify the integration of those products within complex customer environments. Supported by the program, partners integrate their products with McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator, McAfee's security and compliance management platform, and/or other McAfee products, such as McAfee Endpoint Encryption software and McAfee Vulnerability Management Service.