Maru Would Be Proud: Minneapolis to Host Cat Video Film Festival

As much as I love cats, there is something I've always had trouble understanding: cat videos. Why do people love them so much? Why are they everywhere? More importantly, is there some sort of underground feline-stalking paparazzi that I do not know about? How do they even get all those videos?

Conspiracy theories aside, here's some delightful news for those of you who do comprehend and cherish cat videos. As reported by , Minneapolis will host what may be the world's first on August 30th. A part of , the 's summer project, this upcoming film festival will do exactly what you think it will do: screen a line-up of the public's favorite cat videos.

Of course, you'll also get to help determine what exactly gets aired--there's that you can use to enter your film in the event. A word of warning, however: All inations are due by July 30th, so if you fail to make the deadline, there's a possibility no one will ever see that video of your cat attempting to pounce on Bigfoot.

The film festival will take place at dusk, right after Harvest Party's Acoustic Campfire performance by Brian Laidlow and the Family Trade, and will be free to all and sundry.

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