Managed services deliver affordable print management

Looking at the maze of printing devices in any organization, it is clear we are still a ways off from the completely digitized work environment. Out of necessity, convenience and personal preference, the majority of today's workers still use printers, copiers and fax machines.

Some devices are new, some are old and there's often a diverse collection of multi- and single-function machines, some of which connect to the network and some that do not. One thing is for certain: this tangled web is a maintenance nightmare that is expensive, anything but efficient, and reduces IT staff productivity.

Often called the final frontier in information technology, print management can help control spiraling expenses. These expenses result not only from the cost of the printers, toner and paper, but also from additional hardware, maintenance services and power consumption.

As more organizations look for ways to reduce costs and conserve capital, many are turning to managed print services as a simple way to get a handle on largely-undocumented, unpredictable and often excessive annual printing expenditures.

Managed print solutions can reduce printing costs by as much as 30%. Solutions are customizable and provide a flexible, hassle-free way to procure printing hardware, supplies, service and support in one convenient, bundled contract.

A managed print solution begins with an audit to analyze and document usage patterns and get a handle on where inefficiencies exist and improvements can be made. Done properly, the audit details valuable information including the number and type of printers, locations, users, what services/supplies each requires and how efficiently each is being utilized, both in terms of usage, amount of machines currently in use and required ink type.