Make Your iPhone's Apple Logo Glow With This Mod

Another day passes and yet we still know nothing official about Apple's next iPhone. So within the meantime, you may be looking at how you can freshen up the appearance of your current iPhone 4. Well, look no further! adds a backlit logo to your iPhone 4, giving it a cool new look which is bound to turn some heads.

Created by , an iPod and iPhone repair specialist based in Leeds, UK, the funky mod changes the rear of an iPhone 4, altering it so the Apple logo lights up.

iPatch that the addition of a backlight behind the famous fruit logo will not add any depth to the case design of the iPhone--handy for those with tight fitting cases. The repair company also added that the light, which powers down when the smartphone is on standby, does not noticeably affect battery performance or cause any heating issues.

iPatch even revealed that if you fancy you can change the color of the Apple logo through the use of colour filters--anyone for a retro-style rainbow logo?

Sadly the unique hack, , is not currently available as it's going through testing. However, when the mod is finally ready for sale it is expected that it will set you back between $80 - $160 (£50 - £100) to make the change.

iPatch have detailed that they should be ready to offer the modification in around a months time (mid-October), and the whole warranty-voiding process takes less than an hour to complete--of course, that's if you live in Leeds. iPatch will take in iPhone's from outside the UK, however that does mean shipping your device around the world for a little cosmetic surgery.