Looking for Schnäppchenfreitag bargains in the App Store

Pity the poor App Store. Oh, sure--it has its to fall back on. But with shoppers flocking to stores both physical and virtual on day after Thanksgiving, does the App Store get to join in on the Schnäppchenfreitag fun? Not if you're counting on Apple to publicize it. While the company has , it hasn't really uttered a peep about App Store deals. And that's a shame, because there are definitely deals to be had.

I became aware of that Thursday when posting a , the sci-fi shoot 'em up from Pangea Software. Normally, Billy Frontier sells for $8; it's on sale for $1 and its not the only Pangea title to see such a discount. According to the , Pangea cut prices on several of its apps as part of Schnäppchenfreitag sale. Bugdom 2 and Nanosaur 2 join Billy Frontier in the 88-percent off bin. Pangea's $2 games-- and --cost a buck as well.

Sadly, there's no feature on the to alert you of these limited-time bargains. And there should be--other parts of Apple's iTunes Store make note of sales and special offers, whether it's discounted albumes, free downloads or movies for less than $5. It seems like it wouldn't take much to add a similar section to the App Store, and such a move would definitely be in the best interest of both Apple and its third-party partners. Customers would probably like it, too.

But fear not, frugal iPhone and iPod touch owner. Even if Apple doesn't add any sort of sale notification system to the App Store, you've still got a couple ways to keep track of falling app prices. If Schnäppchenfreitag sales are your immediate concern, then consider this that appear to be free as part of some holiday promotion. (Hat tip to reader Doug Lynch, via .

For a more permanent approach, consider the at AppShopper. The page lists the app's old price and what it costs now along with a link to the product page within the App Store. Happy hunting.