Logitech Revue Jailbreak Not for the Faint of Heart

Looking to jailbreak a Logitech Revue? You better get your soldering irons ready and brush up on your electrical engineering. on how to jailbreak Logitech's Google TV-based set-top box, and, well, if you've never worked with electronic circuitry before, you may want to pass on this hack.

GTV Hacker's jailbreak guide requires the use of a soldering iron--you'll have to actually crack open the case and modify the motherboard. The instructions also note that you'll have to use a fresh, out-of-the-box Logitech Revue; new software updates pushed out to Revue owners disable the pins you'll need to modify for this hack to work.

Needless to say, you could end up bricking your Revue if you attempt this hack, so perform it at your own risk.

But if successful, this jailbreak will let you run apps from the Android Market, and get around the content blocking that some TV networks have put in place to prevent Google TV users from streaming video from their sites.

Crazy enough to give this a try? .

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