LocoRoco 2 to sell for $20

The dropped news Wednesday that the US will finally receive the uber-cute puzzle platformer next month. While we'd normally scoff at getting a game after Europe of all continents, there's a very bright silver lining to this cloud. It's only going to be twenty bucks!

While US sales figures for the first game aren't readily available, the price point is probably a result of the tepid performance of the . While the reviews thus far have been almost as positive as the original's, is performing even worse in Japan than the . When Patapon was released at US$20, it fared far better on the . Hopefully the lower price point will allow more fans to familiarize themselves with this amazing, unique series. You can read more about LocoRoco 2's release on the , where our former Senior Editor is one of the bloggers. Why not go say hi? While you're there, ask if he wants us to throw out the bottle of Gatorade he left in the fridge.