Linux Foundation unveils a workaround for Win 8 Secure Boot

Scarcely a week goes by these days without the emergence of some new approach to the vexing facing Linux users on Windows 8 hardware, and this week is no exception.

Not just one but two new discussions of the topic have popped up this week, in fact, beginning with a Sunday blog post from Red Hat developer Matthew Garrett, who first .

Garrett has been involved in crafting , which involves "building a binary which has the Fedora key embedded, and then getting that binary signed by Microsoft," he on Sunday. "Easy enough for us to do, but not necessarily practical for smaller distributions."

Accordingly, the rest of Garrett's post then goes on to detail three possible solutions for such smaller projects.

Now, the very latest news is that the Linux Foundation and its Technical Advisory Board have spoken out with a new plan designed to enable Linux to continue operating on Secure Boot-enabled machines.