License server glitch exposes SonicWall users to threats

Due to a reporting error, the story, "License server glitch exposes SonicWall users to threats," posted Wednesday, misidentified Jody Spoor. Jody Spoor is a man. The ninth and 10th paragraphs of the story have been changed on the wire to correctly identify him.

The ninth and 10th paragraphs now read:

In posts on the user forum, a person named Jody Spoor who identified himself as a senior technical support engineer at SonicWall said that the company had been alerted about the problem "as early as we could be" and had taken immediate steps to prevent the issue from spreading further.

Typically, a problem with a license server shouldn't result in local product-registration information being lost, Spoor said in one post. But for some reason, the registration information was lost "for a number of units," he added. Spoor recommended a manual work-around for affected customers while SonicWall worked to fix the technical snafu.