Leaked Details of Modern Warfare 3's 'Hardened Edition'

According to an anonymous source at , will have an exclusive Juggernaut outfit for XBLA, loads of limited edition art, and "Founder Status" on Call of Duty Elite with lots of extra goodies. Modern Warfare 3 will be released November 8th in North America on PC, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii and Nintendo DS?.

The Deluxe Hardened Edition of the game will be officially unveiled at the September 2-4 Call of Duty XP "Fan Experience" in Los Angeles. Tickets to the show cost $150 but will feature an in celebration of the first-person shooter series.

The leaked photo suggests that the Hardened Edition will have multiplayer map packs, exclusive emblems and player cards, weapon camouflage, clan XP boost, and one year of Elite membership for future downloadables. But perhaps the real big ticket bonus item is the Juggernaut outfit exclusive to Xbox 360 players. Juggernauts were almost impossible to take down in Modern Warfare 2? so facing them in multiplayer matches seems like a really daunting challenge and a real potential for balance issues. Wired makes note of the fact that the picture is of a European version of the game, so the North American release could be different.

We can only speculate on the price tag, but if previous special editions of games are any indication, the Hardened Edition could be over $100. Would you feel comfortable shelling out almost double the price of the base game for what amounts to some statistical boosts, skins, and artwork?

According to the leaked photo, the Modern Warfare 3: Hardened Edition contains...

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 game with unique disc art.