L.A. Noire Developer Team Bondi May Close Down For Good

While it's not surprising at this point, has revealed that Team Bondi, the development studio behind , is current under "administration" as the company tries to find new investors.

What this means is that Team Bondi remains under pressure to sell off assets and cut costs, although their best-case scenario would be a generous investor or buy-out. However, this may prove to be difficult given the huge PR fiasco the company suffered during , which came as result of the studio's . A that Team Bondi would be merging with filmmaker Greg Miller's Dr.D Studios and Kennedy-Miller Mitchell Films group only turned out to be half-true, as Team Bondi boss Brendan McNamara actually sold off the developer's .

Overall, it's not surprising, as many employees at KMM formerly worked under Team Bondi, and likely protested a merger, if that option was indeed on the table.

However, the real question is if (and most likely, when) Team Bondi as a development studio will cease to exist.

As notes:

Now, filed at the Australian Securities & Investments Commission reveal Bondi is under external administration.