Konami's E3 Event Screening Worldwide

Lots of cool stuff was at E3 last year, but the most-asked question among the attendees, media, and even people at home had to be "did you see Konami's conference?" A company traditionally known for rickety presentations had reached the zenith of absurdity that year, and all you need is to tell the story.

Nevertheless, Konami came away with plenty of mindshare after their extended press conference-slash-variety show, and in an apparent attempt to capitalize on the ironic love they received, they today a new event to take place June 2, days before E3 2011 begins. The event will not only be streamed online, just like before, but this time Konami is setting up "live viewing events" to be held in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Toronto, Mexico City, and Sao Paulo. Yes, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Details on what will actually be at the show are sparse -- Konami has so far promised the usual announcements, trailers, and developer appearances -- but there's no reason not to expect something as nutty as last year, especially if this is to be an organized, technically international event. Further details will be known at Konami's page. In the meantime, keep the popcorn handy.

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