Kodak takes on 360' evolution into digitalization

Known as a photography and film company, the Eastman Kodak Co. has now taken a full circle turn into digitalization as it aims to capture a bigger share of the digital consumer market.

'With the emergence of camera phones and other technologies used to capture pictures, Kodak has recognized the growing culture of digitalization and has evolved with it,' said Raymond Albert, Kodak Philippines country general manager.

Dubbing its new strategy the Kodak 360' experience, the company introduced its latest developments during a recent event, starting off with new offerings including the new dual-lens camera Kodak EasyShare V570. New services include: uploading photographs from mobile phones with the Kodak Picture Maker Kiosks; developing pictures at home with the Kodak printer docks; and sharing and developing of photos online at the Kodak Web site. The company also announced the newly-remodeled Kodak Express Digital Solutions Store which serves as a one-stop-shop for Kodak digital products and services.