Juniper talks about a more open future

Despite being attacked by both enterprise and small business networking vendors, Juniper Networks is confident its software will be a key differentiator amid a market full of commodity systems.

In Australia to visit customers and partners, Juniper's CEO, Scott Kriens, said the company's main strategy is to provide the "intelligence connecting everything" in a world made up of mobile devices and consumer electronics.

This network intelligence is required to go on top of being able to connect different things in the first place, Kriens said.

When asked about the competitive threat posed by commodity players like D-Link and Netgear moving up into the enterprise, Kriens is confident software is where "long-term sustainable differentiation" exists.

"History is not on the side of hardware companies looking to march into software," he said.Juniper develops its own operating system, dubbed JUNOS, based on open source BSD Unix, and has been putting it on commodity hardware to achieve better economies of scale.

"So we have the same value concept [as commodity systems], but on top there is battle-tested software that can run billions of transactions per day," Kriens said, adding APIs are being developed to make JUNOS a more "open" operating system and encourage extensions for it.