IT careers expected to survive global economic storm in '09

With an abundance of projects on the cards for 2009, the outlook for IT recruitment remains positive, according to Melbourne-based IT recruiter Peter Acheson.

Acheson, chief operating officer of IT recruitment specialists Peoplebank, expects recruitment to pick-up by April next year, fuelled by a considerable amount of IT project work that is in the pipeline or already underway, including system upgrades at many of the large Australian banks.

"All of the major banks are doing core system upgrades. CBA and NAB have already commenced with theirs, Westpac have got the integration of St George bank, a project that is very big and will drive a substantial amount of IT work," said Acheson, who also cited the NBN as driving a considerable amount of IT work in 2009.

Acheson says that even thought IT has experienced a softening in permanent recruitments throughout the year, employers don't believe the current economic crisis will impact their ability to attract and retain employees.

That message is echoed in recruiting firm Hudson's latest Recruitment Focus IT&T research, released earlier this month and based on survey responses from 1056 IT&T hiring managers.

"Over a number of years now it has been difficult for [hiring managers] to source, attract and retain good quality IT&T staff, and the economic climate hasn't impacted on that," said Hudson's director of IT&T, Shane Blandford.