iPhone Game Roundup: ExZeus, Shooter, Tamagotchi

Just a small sampling of all the great iPhone and iPod touch games we've learned about this week, but we're willing to bet there are a few items here that might catch your fancy.


is a US$6 game from Hyperdevbox Japan. That sounds expensive until you take a look at it--this is adapted from a 3D game for game consoles. You pilot one of three experimental robots trying to take back control of the earth from an alien entity called Diadora. The new 1.1 release features autosave and continue game functions, new difficulty settings, flip screen and tilt sensitivity options, and ranking groups for the high score.

Shooter - The Official Movie Game

Paramount Digital Entertainment's is based on the movie, in which you must clear your name after being accused of an assassination attempt on the President. The game, which costs $1, sports more than 30 levels, a large arsenal of weapons to use, first person sniper perspective and more.

Tamagotchi: 'Round the World