iPhone 5 rumor roundup for the week ending June 10

In the nick of time, announced iOS 5. Single-handedly, it's saved the increasing stale, desperately-seeking 5 Rumor Industry from self-extinction. Re-energized, the rumoratchiks are streaming the stuff out: charging, no iPhone 4S, iPhone 4S confirmed, the end of SMS as we know it, two iPhone 5 models, price cuts, 8 megapixel camera, SummerFallWinterSpring announcement date!

It's a great time to be rumoring. Here's the iPhone 5 rumor rollup for the week ending June 10.


Delaying iPhone 5 is part of a clever Apple strategy.

The "delay" in announcing iPhone 5 is a Good Thing because it shows Apple is serious about the competition from Google and , . So it's focusing energy on creating really cool software and services.

Athow gets extra points for creating this week's most-labored-analogy: "Announcing the iPhone 5 now would be the sporting equivalent of showcasing a horse for a race without knowing who the jockey will be; Apple needs both the hardware and the software to be ready."