iPhone 5 rumor roll-up for the week ending Sept. 23

There's was an almost palpable shudder through the iOSsphere when a Wall Street Journal tech blog reported this week that 5 will be announced Oct. 4. If they can find someplace to announce on the West Coast, which may be doubtful according to PC Magazine.

This week rumors: dates, display delays, inventory sheets and internal errors, fireproofing the iPhone, Greek Geeks on the iPhone 4S, another reason to leave Europe ASAP, and what Al Gore and Internet journalists have in common.

You read it here second.

"Even we were skeptical." -- Mike Perlman, TechnoBuffalo, of an iPhone 5 rumor that the website nevertheless immediately repeated

iP-Day: Tuesday, Oct. 4, 2011.

's next big "media event" will be Tuesday, Oct. 4, "according to sources close to the situation," , with the magisterial authority of The Wall Street Journal behind it.