Intuit will take on the world from Mississauga

Mississauga, Ont.'s high-tech hub has a new tenant. Setting-up shop next door to Intuit intends to use its new facility on Spectrum Way to capture the multi-billion dollar opportunity to sell business software to the developing world.

The newly opened Mississauga office will house Intuit's global business division explained Gene Lewis, vice-president, sales and marketing for Intuit's global business division, at the facility's opening last week. There will be about 100 employees to start, with room for growth. Canada is a good launching-point, said Lewis, as 96 per cent of businesses here are SMBs.

"Whether it's your cab driver or your hair dresser, they're all small businesses. We give them ways to maximize their work and let them do what they want to do, which is realize their dreams," said Lewis. "They didn't go into business to become accountants."

Best known for its QuickTax, QuickBooks and Quicken lines of tax and accounting software, Intuit Canada's headquarters is in Edmonton. However, when it came to looking for a location for this new global division locations around the world were considered said Alex Lintner, president of Intuit's global business division.

"We surveyed our global workforce and our Canadian community blew us away. They've lived around the world, they're diverse, and they have superior software development skills," said Lintner. "I think we can build software here for the world and we can export it. We will build jobs in this community and I look forward to it."

Today, said Lintner, Intuit is a $3.15 billion company. However, the bulk of that total comes from one country: the United States.