IBM opens purse strings with its own stimulus package

With governments around the world extending stimulus packages as a means of dealing with the global financial crisis, IBM Global Financing has decided to open its purse strings and deliver a financial stimulus package of its own.

The financial stimulus package will see $US1bn allocated for IT infrastructure projects in the Asia-Pacific, including Australia.

"There is a great connectivity among nations," said John Callies, General Manager of IBM Global Financing. "While the various stimulus packages in different countries were designed to keep their own economies on track, it is as joined economies that we can rise from this global downturn together. In this context, IBM Global Financing is extending its stimulus financing program to countries in Europe and Asia-Pacific to help global recovery."

The stimulus financing will mainly target enterprises and government areas looking to implement largely IBM hardware and software solutions.

"The launch of the IBM Global Financing stimulus program in Australia comes at the right time," says Jean-Marc Annonier, IDC Australia Program Manager for IT Spending.

"While many businesses could potentially benefit from these new Federal Budget policy measures, some are still having difficulties obtaining financing in a tight credit market. IBM Global Financing's stimulus financing offer will be certainly welcomed by organizations willing to modernize their IT infrastructure in order to prepare for the increased activity generated by heavy public investment programs."