How to buy the best Brother printer

is one of the world's most popular printer manufacturers, making for a wide range of users. We've put together a run-through of the basic prices, features and uses of for home and small business users.

Brother makes inkjet multifunction devices that are aimed at smaller businesses. If you're working from a home office, or if you're running a small business, they offer appropriate printing speeds and monthly duty cycle ratings.

Two of the cheapest Brother printers are the Brother DCP-195C and DCP-J125, both of which are $99. These A4 printers may be cheap but they still use individual colour ink cartridges, allowing you to replace cyan, magenta and yellow ink tanks when they run dry instead of replacing a tri-colour tank and wasting ink. The DCP-J125 also has a 1.9in colour screen allowing you to view photos and scanned images. You can also get other cheap Brother inkjet printers like the $89 DCP-145C, $109 DCP-385N and $119 MFC-J220.

Spending slightly more money gets you upgraded specifications and some extra features. The $149 Brother DCP-J515W is slightly faster than cheaper printers; it's able to print off up to 35 pages in a minute at its fastest settings, according to Brother. It also has a larger colour screen and integrated wireless networking, making it easier to connect the printer to multiple or desktop PCs simultaneously. Other Brother printers at a similar price point include the $199 and $169 MFC-295CN.

For $200 to $400 you can buy a range of Brother printers suitable for a small business or busy home office. Some models, like the $299 MFC-790CW, have an integrated fax and phone handset, while the $299 is the cheapest Brother printer that can produce A3 colour documents. Most Brother multifunction printers in this price range have automatic document feeders that allow multi-page documents to be scanned. Brother has a wide range of mid-priced inkjet multifunction printers, including the $249 MFC-490CW, $219 DCP-J715W and $229 MFC-J615W.