How Google Buzz for mobile will change your life

Everybody's talking about . Most of that chatter is centered on how to use it, and whether it's better or worse than Twitter or Facebook. Almost all the talk is about using Buzz from a PC.

Now it's time to meet the other Google Buzz. For people with the latest iPhone or Android phone, Google Buzz will soon become an amazing, indispensable app -- and a glimpse into the future for all of us.

Two weeks ago, I wrote a piece in this space called "." I pointed out that two new features rolled into the mobile version of Google Maps, called "Near me now" and "Explore right here," partially realized the long-held vision of "virtual graffiti." The idea is to post "invisible messages" in the air, which could be read by a cell phone if you're in that same location.

That's what the does.

"Near me now" and "Explore right here" functionality is baked right into the mobile version of Buzz. That, combined with cell phone GPS capability and Twitter-like posting, is mobile magic.

Plus, adds some wicked voodoo. When you launch the and touch the "Nearby" button, you'll see all recent posts near your location, listed in order of proximity.