Hiking 2.0: Five Favorite Sites

I've always been an outdoors guy, and my passion for cool technology has been with me since childhood. In this 2008 environment of all things becoming Webby, it thrills me that both my passions are merging. I spend far too much time browsing the Web in search of the best trails, gear, photos and the next great outdoor adventure. Here are some of my favorite sites:


is an outdoor treasure hunting game where you use your GPS to find hidden bounty, or geocaches. It had its heyday in the early 2000s when hand held GPS devices became more popular and readily available. Just the same, it's still great fun, and a cool excuse to combine hiking and technology.


This is a great site that aggregates hiking trails by state and by category. The site has information on everything from to geocaching. I often visit the site for its .

USGS: U.S Geological Survey