Hetzner launches second data center in Cape Town

As a result of growing customer demand, Hetzner, a South Africa provider of specialist Web hosting services, has announced the opening of its new data center in Cape Town. This latest facility brings Hetzner's total number of data centers to three, representing a 120 percent increase in the company's cabinet capacity.

Hans Wencke, MD of Hetzner, says that the company's latest data center was designed according to comprehensive engineering standards, and connects directly to Verizon Business' national and international network backbone.

"We have reached capacity in our first Cape Town data center. The opening of our second data center in Cape Town reflects Hetzner's commitment to invest in our customers' growth, and further extends our market leadership position well into the future," he adds.

As with Hetzner's two previous data centers, this latest facility was developed according to strict standards, and includes the following features, Wencke says:

* Full, 100Mb fiber connection, with a second redundant fiber connection to cater for the unlikely event that a cable is compromised;

* Air conditioning banks to sufficiently cool the internal environment with additional redundancy should a unit fail;