Hands-on with the Samsung Wave and Bada OS

On the eve of , Samsung launched the Wave, in what can only be described as a splashy event.

Wall-to-wall videos of waves, blue-colored cocktails and sea creature-liked dancers almost made me forget I was at a phone launch.

Luckily, I had the opportunity to get some hands-on time with the Samsung Wave and after the event.

The Wave feels great in hand: Its aluminum body feels smooth and ergonomic with curved, soft edges and a seamless design. It is also quite slim, measuring only 0.4 inches thick. It is quite light, too, though Samsung didn't disclose the Wave's weight.

The Wave also showcases Samsung's new Super AMOLED technology, which has touch sensors on the display itself as opposed to creating a separate layer ( had this extra layer). Super AMOLED is fantastic; my low-light photos truly don't do it any justice. Colors burst out of the display and animations appeared lively and smooth. Samsung also says that this design reflects less light and therefore handles better outdoors. Our showroom was quite dark so I couldn't really put this claim to the test.