Hands-On with NVIDIA TegraZone Mobile Games

If you are a major gamer like me, the thought of a mobile game with lightning fast gameplay and sharp graphics should be enough to have you salivating. While the (which is compatible with the PlayStation suite) is yet to be released, gamers must satisfy their mobile gaming itch through other means. Enter the TegraZone, an app on the Android Market that curates games optimized for .

We've only seen the Tegra 2 on two mobile phones thus far (the Atrix 4G and the T-Mobile G2x), but the dual-core chip definitely makes a difference in terms of phone performance in terms of multitasking and video play. But how does it handle gaming? I decided to test out each of the available TegraZone games on the to find out which (if any) are worth your hard-earned money.

Fruit Ninja THD ($3.15)

Immensely popular on the iPhone and iPad, Fruit Ninja has you slicing and dicing rogue fruit that pops up on your screen while avoiding the bombs that are also thrown your way. While the game doesn't actually have anything to do with being a ninja, it is still pretty fun to play. If you've ever played the game, Fruit Ninja THD is essentially more of the same but with slightly improved visuals. The game was only slightly sharper than the regular version I had running on my Droid Incredible, but looked nowhere near as good as the standard edition did on my 4th generation iPod Touch.

Bottom Line: I would suggest saving some money and just going with the $1.25 standard version of the game.

Samurai II: Vengeance ($5.04)