Google works to overhaul its search


So how is making its search engine smarter?

In 2010, Google , a company whose free and open database called Freebase, a large collection of information on people, places and things, Google is using in this search project. The more words and phrases that Google's search engine knows, the more easily it can find more precise query results, Singhal said.

Dan Olds, an analyst with The Gabriel Consulting Group, said if Google succeeds, it could be a huge change for the whole search field.

"Over time, this could significantly change the results that Google serves up in searches," he added. "By adding semantic algorithms to the process, the results should be more suited to answering the questions people are actually asking rather than just delivering key word matches."

The process should also reduce user frustration and "search fatigue," Olds said. "Increasingly. when I use Google to search something, the top results don't really tell me anything about what I'm looking for," he said. "If I'm looking to find out about, for example, an Intel processor speed, the top results might be, 'Buy Intel here' or prices. A better search would take me to an Intel specifications sheet or might even give me the speed of the processor right in the link summary."