Google suspends Realtime Search as Twitter deal expires

Google has temporarily suspended its Realtime Search service, and neither Google nor Twitter will say if they're working toward re-establishing an agreement that will have Twitter onboard when the service comes back online.

Google announced on today that it had temporarily shut down its Realtime Search service while it tries to work the company's new service into the mix. Realtime pulls real-time social networking posts as well as tweets into Google's search results.

The service was disabled early Sunday.

Google has not said how long it expects Realtime Search to be down. In today's tweet, the company only says "stay tuned."

However, working into the Realtime mix isn't all that pushed Google to disable the search feature.

The day before Realtime Search was yanked, Google's access to 's tweet stream reached an end. Now, unlike search rival , which still has real-time access to Twitter's traffic flow, Google does not and the company is figuring out its next step.