God of War 3 demo to be on District 9 Blu-ray

Despite the fact that the game will bring Kratos' first two adventures into HD while adding trophies and only costing $40, it's possible that some people who have had enough of the first two titles might not be interested in purchasing the . Thankfully, Sony has announced via that there will be another way to procure the demo, as the Blu-ray release of District 9 will include the E3 2009 demo of on the disc.

While the December 29 home video release of District 9 will disseminate the demo more than a month after the God of War Collection, it seems as though it may have some exclusive content. According to Sony's blog post, completing the demo on the Blu-ray movie disc will unlock a God of War 3 making-of video that hasn't been confirmed to be included in the God of War Collection. We've sent a query to Sony to find out whether or not the video will be included in the God of War Collection.