Verzeichnisdienste im Netz



-ADS Active Directory Service-AHWG Ad-hoc-Working-Group-API Application Programming Interface-AVN Application Virtual Networking-CAB Customer Advisory Board-CIM Common Information Model-COPS Common Open Policy Server-CoS Class of Service-DAP Directory Access Protocol-DEN Directory-enabled Networking-DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol-DNS Domain Name Service-DS Differentiated Services-DMTF Desktop Management Task Force-DMI Desktop Management Interface-EDI Electronic Data Interchange-Edifact EDI for Administration Commerce and Transport-HTTP Hyper Text Transfer Protocol-IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers-IETF Internet Engineering Task Force-LDAP Lightweight Directory Access Protocol-LDIF LDAP Data Interchange Format-MPLS Multi Protocol Label Switching-PVS Permanent Virtual Circuit-QoS Quality of Service-Radius Remote Authentification Dial-in User Service-SASL Simple Authentication and Security Layer-SLA Service Level Agreement-SNMP Simple Network Management Protocol-SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol-SSL Secure Sockets Layer-TLS Transport Layer Security (früher SSL)-URL Uniform Resource Locator-VPN Virtual Private Network-WFQ Weighted Fairqueuing-WRR Weighted Round Robin