Ghostbusters in June, Riddick early 09, says Atari

At a recent press event in England, Atari let loose with a barrage of release dates and vital game information regarding some of its newest (and biggest) IPs. In addition to the previously mentioned , the company dealt more details on two other hot properties.

The long-awaited franchise revival will be a summer blockbuster, according to Atari, with a June 2009 date set. The title, which was dropped by Activision, will see release across six (6!) platforms-- DS, PC, PS2, PS3, Wii, and Xbox 360.

Another Activison castoff came to the party with big news. The was also picked up by Atari, who plans to publish the game early next year. The delay will serve the game well, as the game has evolved from a bells and whistles port of the Xbox original to a combination of the hit Escape from Butcher Bay as well as a new, 10-hour plus original story.

Finally, the company announced a partnership with famed music-influenced game developer Tetsuya Mizuguchi. The creator of games like , Every Extend Extra and will be bringing an all new puzzler called QJ to the Wii. Additionally, Mizuguchi fans without broadband can get the Xbox Live Arcade versions of his three hits soon in a neat compilation package.

You can check out more details on all three announcements on .