Get to Your Files, Folders Faster With MenuApp

makes it a little faster to get to your frequently used files and programs by quickly displaying them in a small pop-up menu. This small, free utility doesn't require any installation and can be unzipped anywhere you like. Double-clicking the MenuApp executable will pop-up a menu listing all the files and sub-folders in the same directory, and selecting any listed file or program will open or run it. The pop-up menu looks just like what you'll see if you've set up your Start menu to display your Documents or Control Panel folder as a menu instead of a link.

To point MenuApp at different folders, you can create shortcuts to the utility and change the "Start in" entry to point at whichever folder you like. You can also start the program with different command-line arguments that open particular folders, such as -O to open your My Documents folder or -Q to open your QuickLaunch folder. A help document that comes with the download lists all the different options, along with instructions on using hotkeys and other features.

MenuApp is a small, focused tool best suited for quickly getting to a few files and folders. If you want a more full-featured utility for quick access to programs and files, take a look at the also-free or .