From digital to print and back


The fonts you choose for the page need to be sturdy enough to show up on a printed background. Some fonts, when printed, may appear thinner than they look onscreen. If you place delicate fonts on a busy background, the characters may be difficult to read and detract from the overall effect of your page. You can do a test print to see how the fonts will look on the page and, if you want to make them a bit sturdier, add bold to the selected font, choose a different font, or lighten the background by applying a different color or pattern to the page. Choosing the right color for your fonts can also help build the contrast and help the characters stand out.

You can change the print dimensions and the image resolution when it's time to print, and your changes will affect the printed file but not the saved image. Insert high-quality photo paper in your printer and print the page at the highest resolution your printer supports. If your printout doesn't print in the correct size, download and install the Adobe Photoshop CS4 , restart Photoshop, and print your page once again.