Frequently Asked Photo Questions for July

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Your recent article on creating a time capsule with made me curious about copyright. The school district I work in has been trying to find ways to educate teachers and students about proper use of online photos. Do you have suggestions? Any ideas for copyright-free sources of photos that could be used in school projects?--Paul Garrett, Richmond, Vermont

Copyright is an important consideration when you attempt to reuse a photo for anything other than personal use. I applaud you for thinking about photo rights at your school. I suggest you check out the --that site has a number of educational resources to help your staff understand copyright as it applies to photos.

If you're looking for royalty free photos you can use in school projects, I highly recommend that you turn to photos published with the Creative Commons license. On Flickr, for example, you can just to Creative Commons images, and further specify only those photos that you may use commercially and/or modify from their original intent.